IRELAND ... Series Four


Western Ireland features 3 tiny islands known as Aran Islands. (see weekly comments)

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Weekly Comments

John & Carolyn are long-time friends and fellow travelers who have accompanied me on some of my adventures. They recently travelled to Ireland (a place I have as yet never visited) and send me some good quality images that they captured during their trip. We will be sharing some of these with you over the next few weeks.

Next week we will remain in Ireland and head to Dingle in the southwest part of the country.

Though 99% of the images on this web site are originals by me, occasionally I receive images from other photographers of places I have not been to. If these images are of good enough quality and interest, I will put them on my site, always giving full credit to the photographers who donated them. This invitation is always open to any who would like to share their travel photos. Use the link to tell me about your images.

If you have some interesting travel photos you�d like to share, technical tips, comments or questions, please send them to my email: