At 8,751 feet, Gaudalupe Peak is the highest point in Texas.

I have been blessed with many great photo ops in my travels and use this site to share them.

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About Me

A lifetime of traveling has allowed me to witness scenic places around the world, including all 50 states of America.

Though I am not a professional photographer, my job had me on the road for much of my life, providing many great photo opportunities. Now I am retired and spend less time on the road and more time home at my wild bird sanctuary..

In early 2000 I gave away all my 35mm equipment to a very needy person and have been 100% digital ever since. It was tough going in early years, but digital equipment has evolved greatly and is now much easier to use.


This site first became active in June, 2001 as MyTrips.tv and for 10 years, featured some of the most scenic places in America. In March of 2011 it evolved into ImagesOfGeography.com. This change reflects a desire to bring you not only scenic places in America, but from all over the world. Each week there are ten new images and they are changed every weekend so that you will see them by Monday. This is and has always been an independent, stand-alone web site - not connected to or affiliated with any web companies or producers, nor to any social media sites. We have never accepted any advertising or promotions. Our popularity has been generated by many years of "word-of-mouth". If you like what you see, please share it with a friend, and remember: we love to see your comments. You will never see any pop-ups or ads on this site because we are not selling anything, just sharing the art. Save this address to your favorites and check it once a week - you just might catch some place you have really wanted to see! If you miss a week, you can go to "archive" to catch up. The archive section has past images in the order that they appeared on this site, from most recent to oldest. They go back quite a few years and include over 10,000 images that we've captured in our travels.

Technical Stuff

Important: If you wish to contact us via the link at the bottom of the page, please know that we can NOT reply unless you include an email address or phone number. The link forwards messages to a secure address and does not show us the original senders address.

The SLIDESHOW has been updated: once it finishes loading, click on the blue arrows in the upper corners of the images to move forward to the next one, or backward to the previous one.

If you click on any THUMBNAIL it will open into a large image that you can print, save as a screen background, or keep as a file. Copy rights protect my work but I give permission for personal use. I DO NOT authorize anyone to sell or otherwise profit from my work without my written permission.

New Stuff

If you have some interesting travel photos you would like to share, technical tips, comments or questions, please send them to my email link:


Be sure to include your email address so we can respond.


We have friends with interesting travel photos on their websites. One of them is Andreas, who lives in Kornwestheim, Germany (near Stuttgart). We have shared some of his images on this site through the past few years. Now you can go directly to his site and see more of his images.

You can find his images at:


Hawaii: our friend "Ocean Kai" is not only the best bartender in Waikiki, but has many other talents, including freediving expert and dive instructor. Kai is an excellent photographer including underwater. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Kai is not only her expertise and love for sharks, but her dives with some of the largest, including great whites! You can learn more of her amazing story at:


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