Whistling Ducks are not only beautiful, they are quite entertaining.


I have been blessed with many great photo ops in my travels and use this site to share them.

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At times we have as many as 200 or more of these beautiful birds at our sanctuary all at the same time. Most come in morning and evening.

These Whistling Ducks are about half the size or most ducks and can’t “quack” but instead emit a high-pitched whistle-like sound, thus their name. They have webbed feet, but they are hinged, allowing them to perch on small branches and even power lines. Their legs are long, allowing them to walk and run without “waddling”. The males and females have similar markings and can best be distinguished by their behavior. These ducks are as successful on dry land as in water and often nest in trees. They eat insects and vegetation, especially grains.

Next week we will show you some more images of these beautiful ducks before introducing you to other visitors in our sanctuary.


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